Renovating An Outdated Bathroom

You bought a home and you love it except for the master bathroom that happens to be dark blue. I do not mean blue paint that can easily be glossed over. I am talking about a blue toilet, blue bathtub and blue countertops. All that blue is giving you the blues. So you push the bathroom to the top of your renovation list and dream of a cozy bathroom with a more tasteful colour palate.

While a bathroom renovation may not be on the same scale as a complete kitchen redo it is still a sizeable undertaking you will not want to rush into. You need to spend some time planning and drafting ideas before you begin the actual work. I asked a friend of mine who is a real estate agent in Penticton, a tourist town in British Columbia, if he had any suggestions.  This is what he said.

Designing with your style in mind is the most important first step. Though a professional designer may be above your budget this can often save money in the long run as it will ensure your plans and timelines are realistic. However if you do not want to factor in this cost there are design programs on the internet you can download. These can help you draft your ideas and give you something to work from.

Keeping current plumbing in place may not be what you initially want but doing this will keep costs down as moving existing plumbing can become a major expense. Plumbers are not cheap and shifting toilets or showers can run into the thousands. With this in mind you should still be able to build your dream bathroom. A standing shower can be turned into a luxury bathtub and a wall can hide a toilet from view.

Proper bathroom lighting placement is crucial to creating an oasis type bathroom atmosphere. Soft but not dim bulbs around the vanity mirror means you will not have harsh light when doing your hair and makeup. Having plenty of lighting creates an aesthetically pleasing room but having dimmer switches will make your nightly bath routine much more relaxing.

Salvage yards and second-hand furniture stores are the perfect places to find not only bargains but also antique and funky treasures. The bathroom cupboards and vanities are often one of the biggest expenses but used wares can give you the look you want without the large price tags. Also refinishing furniture can be a fun part of the renovation process.

Planning your paint hues to match tile or vanity colours means taking one step further in your design elements. Make the paint a part of your creative process as the right choice will affect the style and feel of your master bathroom. Bright colours may make the space seem bigger or just give you the designer punch you are looking for.

The mirror you choose for above the vanity is key in bringing the bathroom you dream of together. While you may think a mirror that opens for a medicine cabinet is necessary this is actually a bit dated and I would suggest more of a decorative mirror. Consider finding a nice window frame and taking it to the local glass cutter. You can get them to cut and place it giving you a custom mirror to fill the space just right.

The number of sinks you want should be given careful consideration. While the space may seem like it can only fit in one sink if there is a chance of two I would suggest the latter. This will give your bathroom the illusion of being bigger while at the same time creating a more convenient and luxurious decor feel. When doing your designing play around until you can fit in two sinks instead of one.

The material for your vanity top will need a professional’s touch when it comes to cutting and installation. Have fun with this one as there are a large number of countertops to choose these days from marble to granite to beautifully finished wood this decision will be pivotal in how your finished bathroom looks and feels.

Not to be forgotten is the ever important flooring that will help to give the room that added pop. Like the vanity top, have a good time with this one. There are many great options though your budget will likely play a part in what you opt for. Porcelain is easy to maintain but difficult to install. Natural stones are beautiful and cork is cool and funky. A well-made laminate floor can also look amazing but is less pricey.

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